Portugal Contact Gathering

11- 17 September 2022

Contact Improvisation, Live Music & Community

With Rita Vilhena , Johanna Wyss, Howard Sonenklar, Tiago Rouxinol, Barbara Ramos, Alexa Papa, Ana Root  and more

This year Portugal Contact Gathering is united with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Contact Improvisation. 

Go beyond small to the place where no message is being given. Start there. Let small be the first of the pleasures to come.” – Steve Paxton 2022

ARTISTIC VISION of this year Portugal Contact Gathering is inspired in the celebration of the 50th anniversary and the desire of coming together to explore it´s movement and potential. How can Contact Improvisation be a tool to rebuild a new system where all living beings have value, worth and different qualities that make them vulnerable? 

OUR PROPOSAL is to bring the CI out of the practice studio to an experimental contact with the natural environment and local community. The goal is to take the morning technic learnings to the guided site specific sessions, in a few afternoons at the beach, the farm house and the train station. Why? Because we like explore the potential of affecting people and living beings with kindness and empathy through our dance.

PRICES are economical. Accommodation possibilities in your own tent, a rental tent or room. House with 5 rooms to rent, big land, garden and swimming pool. Next Airport is Faro/ Portugal. Easy Jet & Ryan Air offer roundtrip from big cities in Europe for low prices of about € 160 .