As a young native Portuguese couple who met in Berlin, and after roaming a few years abroad, we both felt a strong desire to come back. So we did, and two years back, having a few days at an empty family farm house, we both felt the place asking us to stay here and take care of it. Life has been sprouting here since then and we have recently been blessed with the birth of our little sprout at home, in the nest we have been constructing since then. 

In between the hills and the sea we are gifted with a very beautiful and authentic place saved by many old autocthonous trees such as Carobs, Olives, Almonds and Figs. Althought, the weather is very pleasent here, it is on the top of our concerns the drought which is getting more expressive year after year. Led by the common agricultural practices, we feel the expansion of north Africans deserts. We still are observing, making small experiments and trying to understand how can we take action through regenerative practices to create a permaculture. Respecting the place and it’s culture.

Is our vision since the beginning to have a place where we wish to let magic naturally to happen. Healing to take place. And this gathering comes in resonance with that wish… Our Love affair with contact improvisation has started few years back when we had the privilege to be part of Goa Contact Festival with Volker. Since then, this relationship has been growing has a hidden force inside of us. It made us laugh and cry, feel small and big, one and many, all at the same time. Exploring different dimensions of our being it has helped heal and open in many different ways. Life has started to reveal itself as a Jam. Come, and lets play together.