The deeply personal sense of perception and how it gets expressed in texture, rhythm, form, imagination, vitality never ceases to inspire me. How each of us is making sense of what is going on, how we engage with ourselves and the environment. What are the fine negotiations constantly necessary to honor definition and responsability as well as freedom of choice? My background involves both dance and body work. Holding a degree in physiotherapy and being a certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner, I studied Body-Mind Centering, Yoga, the work of Gindler/Jacoby, experiential anatomy and Authentic Movement. My teaching and practise draws on this intense research and reflections in the field of movement and  awareness, and a firm belief and joy in improvisation in all areas of life. I was invited to teach intensives at the CI Festival Freiburg, Contact Meets Contemporary, and In Touch Berlin, and share a long history of teaching and organising different formats for the study and practice of dance, keeping both content and context alive. Like Malcolm I was part of the group of regular students who studied with Nancy Stark Smith throughout the 1990s while she was developing what eventually became known as the UnderScore.