Baltazar Molina is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, sound explorer, composer and teacher. The influences of middle-eastern music, rock, experimental music and free improvisation are rather evident in his playing techniques and musical expression. Besides playing percussion instruments such as frame-drums (tar, bendir, douf, riqq, ramana, etc), darbuka, doholla, tombak, cajon, udu, rav-vast, tibetan bowls and gong, to name a few; Baltazar also plays electric guitar, exploring the sonic dimensions through alternate tunings and fx. In 20 years as a musician the list of projects and collaborations is immense and it’s also worth mentioning his compositions for theatre, dance, new-circus and performance. This translates into an eclectic discography and a vast list of venues played in Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, Estonia, Belgium,Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands,Mexico, Chile, Canada, Croatia, Morocco and Greece.

As a teacher he’s the author of  ‘Manual de Sagats’, a study method for zills, a middle-eastern percussion instrument and he also created RHYTHMICAL IMMERSION©, a musical practice that enhances the acoustic, energetic and healing qualities of the frame drums with a focus on the personal development of the individual. Besides regular classes and workshops, you can also find him  online in teaching platforms and in private classes. Also worth mentioning is his work with the Al-Mah Platform, producing seminars, concerts, workshops and masterclasses with world renowned artists and teachers of music, dance  and other arts of the East, since 2004.