Underscore Meeting 17-22 Sep 2019 

Price 350€ in own Tent, 400€ in rental Tent, 410€ mattress in dorm, 440€pp. in bell tent, couple occupation, 470€ bed in double room (fully booked).  If you stay in a tent you can use compost toilet and outdoor shower only. (Airport transfer not incl.)

The price inlcudes all Facilitations & Jams during the Underscore Meeting, accommodation & daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner. For all dancers which are already familiar with contact improvisation,.

Please let us know your arrival day.

Please Register online here for Underscore Meeting and take note of the following, before registering through the online formular below:

  • Please use the email address volkereschmann@gmail.com for general questions.
  • The registration is valid with 100 € deposit/organisation fee.
    Please make a money transfer when you get the first letter. We should receive this latest 2 weeks after your registration.
  • If you cancel before 1st of July 2019, we will keep 50 €, after the full deposit. The participation is on your own risk.
  • Please note that if you have a history of any mental inbalance or medication the festival setting can be intensive, and it is not a recomendable healing place in such cases. You are obliged let us know if you are suffering from any severe physical or mental health issues or if you are under medication.
  • Also, by registering you recognize, that the organizers and teachers are not liable for any damages or injuries.

    Choose your accommodation in your own tentin a rental tentin Bell Tent couple occupationmattress in dorm

    I recognize, the organizers and teachers are not liable for any damages or injuries.

    I confirm that the information provided is correct and I agree to the above registration rules.

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