Contact Camp 2-9 Sep

Community, Gathering, Harvesting, Dance, Play, Ritual

The week before the festival we gather to prepare together the space, help with harvesting and jaming in the evenings. Food will be self organized and made together.

The Contact Camp is for Festival and Somatic Flow participants only. To be together and dance  in wonderful rural situation close by the sea. There will be no program but plenty to do and play together. The dance space & pool is available throughout all time.

In the week before the festival we will build facilities and community, welcoming the people coming in day by day. We co-create the place and help our hosts Monica and Samuel with the harvest of carobs, figs, vegetables, grapes and almonds.

Accommodations will be the same like during the Festival and Somatic Flow Journey. You can bring your own tent, matress and sleeping bag, or rent a tent and mattress from the hosts. Most luxury is of course if you taking one of the beautiful rooms with a friend or family for real economical price

Price on self costs base, in own tent 7 € night, rental Tent 15 € night, bed in room 20 €. The nights between Camp-Festival-Somatic Flow-Camp will be organized and charged like this as well.

Next village Tavira and beach

Next village Tavira and beach